DLog Systems offers comprehensive tailored telematics solutions for clean fuelled vehicle manufacturers and the large scale battery industry. DLog provides the necessary infrastructure to our customers to allow them to incorporate remote monitoring for multiple sub-systems allowing complete vehicle monitoring or single individual systems such as the expensive large scale battery used within clean fuelled vehicles. The solutions are particularly well suited for electric vehicles where the vehicle, EV drive and battery systems may all require individual, yet correlated, monitoring. We offer offline SD card logging based systems as well as online remote monitoring solutions with automated data uploads to a secure web server accessible to customers by login through the web. The online logging and data analysis functionality provided by DLog enables evidence based justification of alternative fuelled vehicle use within fleets, fleet management functionality, remote diagnostics, remote battery state of charge monitoring through mobile phone apps as well as live vehicle tracking functions all of which can be tailored specifically to our customers' needs.



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Dr Ammar Zaher BEng Hons, PhD
Operations Director
Email: azaher@eee.strath.ac.uk


DLog Systems is a new spinout company from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. It has been formed following several years of R&D by academics and researchers into creating and proving a robust, comprehensive data logging system for electric vehicles and battery systems. This system allows vehicle tracking and remote interrogation of each journey made by a given vehicle, vehicle diagnostics, secure data storage and automatic management reporting.